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Posted in Articles, My publications, Technology by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on February 1, 2004

Note – I was the comissioning editor for the Winter 2004 issue of UK Health Informatics Today. Below is the editorial I wrote, followed by the table contents for the issue.


Default;We are finally approaching the stage of evaluating handheld computers as tools that can contribute to the clinical process, rather than just admiring them as miracles of miniaturisation.

In this spirit, the authors of this issue review the tools available to clinicians. For example, Dr Chaudry’s article compares the potential contribution that different tools can make to reduce clinical error. Furthermore Dr Martins’ PhD is of particular interest as it seeks to answer the question: How, and with what implications for clinical work practices, are doctors and hospital organisations using mobile ICT? Dr Menon-Johansson’s article shows an example of this work, detailing the steps he took in creating a solution to solve a problem that faced him and other HIV practitioners around the world. Finally, Jeff Loo’s article showcases two new methods of accessing PubMed on handheld computers, and begins to explore the contribution that they could make to more evidence-based medicine.

Finally, following the success of this year’s handheld computer workshop at the Royal Society of Medicine, Dr Chris Paton and I are organising the 2005 event. Scheduled for April the 7th, it will provide attendees with two tracks, one for beginners who are interested in understanding and exploring the technology, and another for experienced users who want to deploy solutions in the clinical environment. The emphasis is on practical clinical issues, continuing professional development points are awarded, and further details are available at

Table of contents

published in UK Health Informatics Today Winter 2004 issue