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Bahrain’s state-sponsored corruption

Posted in Economics, Politics by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on September 11, 2005

Ebrahim Sharif Alsayed gave a very interesting lecture recently about the Bahraini government’s corruption. I’m not sure how true the numbers are, but that only confirms his point – that the government is able to embezzle huge sums of money by having an opagque budget and a powerless Parliament.

It is worth reading the full presentation:

– PM in power since independence
– His Wealth: Unknown for Certain
– Best Guesstimate: Over US $ 10 Billion
– Breakdown of Estimates:
Land Property in Bahrain $ 8 Billion
(20 km sq X 1,000,000 m sq/km sq X 10 ft sq/m sq X BD 15/ft sq)
Other Properties/Investments $ ? Billion

– A 50 elected-50 appointed Parliament limits legislative power of elected MPs
– Government Can Delay Legislation by 2 years
– Audit General Report to Executive
– Jerry Mandering on a Large Scale to prevent Opposition from Controlling House of Reps
– No serious investigation of Gov Corruption
– Not a single vote of confidence
– Large scale Corruption esp. in reclaimed lands under the eyes of the Parliament


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