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Mayo Clinic paper: “Use of Cellular Telephones in the Hospital Environment”

Posted in Medicine, Technology by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on March 13, 2007

Another nail in the coffin of hospital mobile phone bans. The paper’s author, Hayes, supports changing hospital rules and said that “in fact many people ignore the rules anyways,” adding, “In a way, the policy is already antiquated and violated de facto”.

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether cellular telephones used in a normal way would cause interference with medical devices located in patient care areas of hospitals.

METHODS: Two cellular telephones from different cellular carriers were tested in various patient care areas between February 15, 2006, and June 29, 2006. To monitor the medical devices and equipment in the patient care areas during testing, we observed the device displays and alarms.

RESULTS: Interference of any type occurred in 0 of the 75 patient care rooms during the 300 tests performed. These 300 tests involved a total of 192 medical devices. The incidence of clinically important interference was 0% (95% confidence interval, 0%-4.8%).

CONCLUSIONS: Although cellular telephone use in general has been prohibited in hospitals because of concerns that these telephones would interfere with medical devices, this study revealed that when cellular telephones are used in a normal way no noticeable interference or interactions occurred with the medical devices.

Mayo Clin Proc. 2007;82(3):282-285