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On holiday in Bahrain witnessing all the work done

Posted in Places by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on December 14, 2007

I am on holiday in Bahrain for a few weeks and the place is buzzing. From landing in the airport the adverts are different: more, more expensive, and for a real local economy rather than just imported goods. The trip home showed more of the same, and then of course the most important thing to me: the internet connection at home. What a difference 16 months make.

The house was newly built in a new neighbourhood so the previous telecoms monopoly has still not provided DSL broadband to the house. Last year my parents’ only connection was a 3G Vodafone PCMCIA card. The download speed was around 256 kb, the limit was 2 GB per month (I kid you not) and the monthly cost was 40 BHD ($100).


This year the 3G Vodafone SIM card connects to the PC through USB, the download speed is much higher (the software claims 3.6 Gbps, an exaggeration), the limit is 4 GB, and the monthly cost is just 15 BD ($37.50). Oh and the Kuwaiti multinational MTC Vodafone is rebranded as Zain and have moved their head office to Bahrain.

Before I sleep, allow me to introduce, and recommend, the 3G Phoebus Portable Cellular Wi-Fi Router:

3G Phoebus Portable Cellular Wi-Fi Router

I put the new SIM card into the old PCMCIA card, which in turn goes inside the Phoebus. It takes a little fiddling, but we now have the Vodafone 3G signal always on and broadcast through WiFi to most rooms in the house. So now all the family can be connected and browsing at the same time and we’re all sharing download speeds of around 70 kbps quite comfortably.

I think I’ll be blogging a lot during this trip.


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