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Should I buy the iPhone?

Posted in People / organisations by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on June 14, 2008

It has only been 24 hours since Apple announced their new iPhone 3G and already doctors are asking me questions like this one:

I was wondering what is your take on the new iphone 3G? I am in Australia and with the 3 network so dont know if I am able to buy this phone and have it be compatible as yet. I was never going to consider the iphone but this new one seems good, however I am still unsure if the apple interface is capable of running all the applications doctors use such as those from skyscape eg 5MCC etc…

My answer: yes. There is only one reason not to like the iPhone and that is the keyboard. Not everyone will be able to write very much with it. So if you are thinking of sending lots of e-mail messages or taking lecture notes then try out the keyboard in the shops before you buy.

Otherwise, you should definitely buy this. Every singe medical publisher I have spoken to, including Epocrates, is making iPhone-specific versions of their software and content. Others are making content that is only possible with the iPhone's technology. And the built-in WiFi and 3G connectivity make this the perfect device for answering clinical questions while at the patient's bedside.

So think of this as a clinical tool and buy it.


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