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HealthCamp UK 2008

Posted in Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Patients Know Best by Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli on October 14, 2008

OK folks, applications for attending HealthCamp UK 2008 are now open.

HealthCamp UK is the place for creative medics, innovative business-minded people and inventive developers. Taking place for the first time in the UK, this is a conference where you set the agenda – i.e. an unconference.

The theme of HealthCamp UK this year will be The Future of Technology and Medicine. How best can technology be exploited in medicine? Where and how can tele-medicine be used? Will we be growing our own organs? What will we do with the results of gene tests that tell us our susceptibility to diseases? And what excites you about the possibilities of technology in medicine?

Entrance is free but we only have room for 60 people at this year’s venue, so space is tight. Please apply for your place now. The aim is to arrange a meeting of eclectic and talented minds.

I attended HealthCamp Maryland back in June, had a great time and learned a huge amount. Judging by the early applications there is a fascinating group clustering in London this November 10th.

It remains for me to thank our sponsors for making this happen.

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