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Hi there, and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Mohammad and I am a doctor and programmer running the company Patients Know Best. Our aim is to create the personal health record software that allows each patient to fully understand his or her diseases.

My full CV is on LinkedIn, but briefly, I graduated from the University of Cambridge as a doctor and started my residency at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital in the UK. In the USA, I worked as a Staff Scientist at the PubMed Bookshelf and a management consultant to hospital CIOs at The Advisory Board Company. During these years I wrote six books and gained level 3 certification from the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions.

I am back in the UK running the Patients Know Best and working as a consultant. If you would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to grab a slot from my calendar.

Some things I care about

Personal health records: After writing the book Streamlining Hospital-Patient Communication: Developing High Impact Patient Portals, I am continuing my research in this area and documenting my findings at the PHR wiki. If you have some material to add, please do so on the wiki, which is open access. And if you are thinking of using PHRs, or convincing your colleagues to do so, take a look at the documentation on the wiki. If what you need is missing, do let me know.

Mobile computing: handheld computers got me through medical school and then helped me manage my patients’ information as a doctor. I wrote three books about this topic, including Handheld Computers for Doctors, but also Handheld Computers for Chefs. (I was co-author with a really good chef for that last one, and she taught me how much doctors have in common with chefs.)

Openness: open source software, open access publishing, open medical records, open government. I am open to openness. I wrote the book Free Software for Busy People to help people working in health care, education, charities, start-ups, government and big businesses make use of open source software. You can download it free of charge with an open source license of course. Back in the UK, I am delighted to have helped start the Open Rights Group and encourage you to join.

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